Lemon Law 


Lawyer Fred A. Pharis has assisted all kinds of clients with defective vehicles, including cars, trucks, 18-wheelers, commercial vehicles, RVs, boats and more. In Louisiana, lemon law is specific about automobile consumer laws. If you purchased a defective vehicle and think you may have a lemon law case, contact Fred A. Pharis

We regularly handle such cases, and we can ensure your claim is settled in your favor. Over the years, Fred A. Pharis Attorney At Law has brought successful suits against major vehicle manufacturers, including General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler and more. 

Our goal when we take on a lemon law case is to ensure that the consumer, our client, is justly compensated for any harm or inconvenience s/he may have suffered. Many of our cases are able to be settled out of court due to our long experience and knowledge of the law. We urge you to get in touch with us today if you think you may have a case.


Find out more about what Fred A. Pharis can do for you. Contact us today by phone or by completing our free claim evaluation form
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